Two helpful links to find the just right book for your reader.

Genius Hour empowers students through inquiry based learning by giving them an opportunity to research what they are passionate about. Students will use their creativity to come up with a final product to present to the class that reflects the knowledge they've gained.

Please sign and return the report card folder after receiving the November and March report cards.

Our class will be receiving various Book Club flyers to distribute throughout the year. Each flyer features dozens of affordably priced books and eBooks specially selected because they're timely, popular, fun to read, and just right for your child's reading level.

Here's how to get started:

Browse through the online flyers with your child, choosing which favorites to order. Be sure to place your order by the due date indicated on the website. Your child's books will arrive with our class order in the monthly shipment.
Please place all orders online.

To order online, you'll need to create an account or sign in at During registration, you'll be clearly guided through the steps necessary to find and link to Mrs. Kind’s class. After signing in, you will see a message noting the order due date. You will need to enter our class activation code: L9CH4  

I will combine all the student orders and submit one class order to Scholastic. By placing an order online, you will receive an e-mail notification to let you know when the book box is on its way! Books will arrive to Burns Park and will be distributed to individuals who have placed their orders.

Every order you place earns Bonus Points for our class. Teachers use Bonus Points to order educational materials, supplies, and new books for the classroom.

Thank you so much for supporting your reader inside and outside of the classroom. It’s a great way to get them excited about reading.

Happy Ordering!

              State Testing

Students will be assessed using the NWEA twice a year. Once in the fall and again in the Spring. I will notify you of the exact dates as they approach and the results will be sent home along with the Report Card. 

Mrs. Kind

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

I am always delighted to share in the celebration of your child’s birthday. Due to an increasing number of food and airborne allergies, and in the best interest of our students, we are celebrating birthdays without food. We will, however, certainly acknowledge your child’s special day by singing “Happy Birthday to You” and having your child receive a special birthday treat (a sticker, pencil, birthday crown, etc.)

As an alternative I invite you to participate in the “Birthday Book Program” this year.  This is where your child TREATS the classroom to a book on his/her birthday.  To participate all you have to do is donate or share a new or used picture book, wrap it up (optional) and send it to school with your child on his/her birthday.  Your child will be able to share the book with the class and then it will become a part of our classroom library. 

This is a wonderful way to promote reading as we celebrate our birthdays.  The books in the Birthday Book Basket are available for everyone to read throughout the year.  Please keep in mind that a treat is gone in a minute, but a book lasts a lifetime. I sincerely thank you for adjusting to this policy.

Also, I’d like to remind you that birthday party invitations cannot be handed out at school unless the entire class is being invited.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Writer's Workshop Celebrations

Our class will be reading buddies with Mrs. Steward's Kindergarten class. Students will be paired up with a buddy and they will spend 30 minutes reading together every Friday.

Students will have an assigned log in for the following websites: Khan Academy, EM Online, X-tra Math and Raz-Kids. 

Enrichment provides students with extended learning opportunities and challenges at their developmentally appropriate level. Students have the opportunity to use Khan Academy and Raz-Kids on a daily basis in our classroom.

There will be many opportunities to volunteer in the classroom throughout the year. Room parents will be contacting you for assistance with classroom parties as well as signing up for other events. You will also be contacted to sign up for help in special areas (library and art). Please contact me directly if you are interested in volunteering in the classroom. Any support is greatly appreciate! 

Report cards will be sent home in November, March and June.  

Lunch Schedule

P.E. 8:55-9:25
Music 9:25-9:55
Library 2:45-3:45

Spanish 11:00-11:30
Music 12:43-1:13
P.E. 1:13-1:43

Humanities (Music) 9:55-10:40

Humanities (Art) 2:00-2:45

Spanish 3:05-3:35

Art 2:05-3:05

Second Grade Report Cards



Each writing unit culminates with a Publishing Party. Students select their best piece and we celebrate their accomplishments as a class. Their work will be displayed in our classroom and then sent home.

Special's Schedule

Walk and Talk

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Reading Buddies